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About Nutrient IV therapy and Myers' Cocktail

At Infusion Fusion we have taken a traditional medical intravenous treatment and given it a modern twist.

Our Medical Director and Founder, Dr. J. Brown is a Functional Medicine Practitioner with well over a decade of experience in functional nutritional IVs in private practice. She is involved in every aspect of all our infusions and is available for any questions or concerns. All our staff are trained medical professionals further trained by Dr. J. Brown in the lounges.

Our amazing clinical staff also work for our local hospitals and ambulance services, so you know you're in good hands. We pride ourselves on our IV start skills, customer service, and attentiveness to your needs and total well-being. The lounges are designed to be relaxing spaces with blankets, heated massage chairs, WiFi, soothing music, water and organic tea grown in the USA from Yaupon Brothers. To contine our eath stewarship as an ethical business we also send all our recyclable empty IV bags, glass vials and plastics to recycling facilites and have so from Day 1.

Browse our website for the menu of Infusion “cocktails” that will best suit your needs. From IV drips to injections to wellness Infusions and more.

We have multiple locations, one in the Uptown Neighborhood, on 19th Avenue between Washington and Pearl and the other in Belmar, Lakewood. Walk-ins are most welcome although appointments are recommended.

Vitamin Infusion
Why get nutrients from an IV?

Nutrients are easy to get from some healthy foods and suppliments, right? So why get them from an IV? It's a common question, and a good one. The fact is, only about 20-30% of the nutrients we eat are absorbed into the body. The rest are lost in the digestion process.

Vitamins injected directly into the bloodstream via IV are nearly 100% effective. This makes you feel great almost immediately!

A bit about us

As a prior Aspen Ski patroller, Dr. Brown was all too familiar with sports fatigue and hangovers. She started doing IV therapies for her Integrative Medicine patients in 2010 These therapies were usually chelation i and more complicated IV therapies for chronically ill patients.

One of her friends and colleagues brought up the idea of a more publicly acccessible IV clinic and Infusion Fusion came to be.

Hydration Infusion Therapy
Relax while you rehydrate, recover, rejuvenate and revitalize from:
  • Hangovers
  • Altitude sickness
  • Wellness Infusions
  • Sports related fatigue
  • ...Or other energy zapper

Treatments typically take 60 minutes or less. Shots are available for those pressed for time!

We have an IV therapy to meet your needs. Choose from:

See our menu for the full options.
Detox Infusion
It's your body, look after it!

We all need help looking after ourselves sometimes. The stress of modern-day life takes a toll, as does too much traveling, environmental toxins and yes, too much partying. Living life to the fullest is part of our mantra. We can help with that.

As one of our clients said after coming in feeling terrible and leaving feeling wonderful: "I thought my day was lost. I got my day back". Let us help you too.

At Infusion Fusion, we believe you have the right to know what is being infused into your body. IV infusions go straight into the bloodstream so it is critical you know what is in it. We aim for total transparency - our ingredients are listed on our menu and on every bag that we infuse. We're happy to discuss any aspects with you.