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Does it hurt? A lay-person's view of IVs

Whenever I talk to people about our IV bar, I get a variety of reactions. Those familiar with IV bars and the health benefits they offer are like "Oh, wow, that's really cool." They love the fact that we're transparent about what is going into our IV bags and are pleasantly surprised at the prices. If you do a like-for-like comparison of our bags with those of other drip places, you will typically find that our bags both offer more goodness for your body and cost less.

This often yields skepticism. We live in a world where "you get what you pay for" is often a mantra of business, and higher quality costs more. In our case, we strongly believe in the highest quality ingredients, in giving you what is best for you. And being transparent about it.

We keep our costs down in several ways.

  • Our medical director runs the business and is intimately involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations so we don't have to pay someone who is not involved just so we can "use their license".
  • We spend time finding the best ingredients at the best prices.
  • We do not rely on pre-mixed IV's but rather compound our own in our clean room. This removes the "middle-man" taking a cut and keeps costs down.
We pass these savings onto our customers, keeping our prices low and our quality high.

The other reactions I get are a mixed bag (ok, pun intentend!). Some people have not heard of IV drip bars before and are surprised by the health benefits of having nutrients and vitamins injected directly into them rather than consuming them through the regular, inefficient oral means. Other people have heard of them and wondered about them, but have not tried them.

Some questions I've answered for this group of people include:

  • Does it hurt? Honestly, this is the most common question and my personal favorite to answer. I have a personal loathing for needles. The feeling of a needle piercing my skin makes my skin crawl. Yes, this is a bit odd for someone so closely associated with an IV bar! However, we take steps to mitigate this for people like me:
    • Our people who administer our IVs are all extremely skilled and practiced in the art of giving an IV.
    • We have some very small gauge needles available. 24 gauge needles are so fine you can barely feel them
    • We have topical numbing cream available to even help reduce this feeling.
    All this means that your IVs will be as painless as possible.
  • How long does it take to have an IV? That depends on a number of factors, like the size of the bag, the gauge of the needle used, and your individual tolerance for taking an IV. Some people can have an IV run in 20 minutes, other people it can take 60 minutes or more. Our friendly staff will work closely with you to work out what speed is best for you.
  • Which IV would be best for me? I laugh at this, as I'm not a medical professional. I have enough problems pronouncing "Phosphatidylcholine"! But our staff would be very happy to discuss this in depth with customers and recommend what infusion would be best for you.

So come on in and see us! Find out the advantages of what Infusion Fusion can do for you.