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Hangover Cure

The basic science behind a hangover:and why call a drip doctor.

After you consume alcohol, enzymes in your liver break it down converting the alcohol into acetaldehyde. This is then further broken down into acetate. Both are inflammatory while the first chemical can be toxic. Combine these enzyme conversions with dehydration and you get a big, ugly storm, known as "The Hangover."

These effects are compounded by something called glutamine rebound. Alcohol can dampen the body's production of a natural stimulant called glutamine. As soon as your drinking stops, your body tries to regulate the imbalance by making lots of glutamine. Since most people do their serious drinking late at night that means your brain is full of stimulants just as you're trying to get to sleep. The restless sleep only worsens how you feel in the morning.

To top it all off, alcohol irritates the stomach. Your body in its own defense is nauseated and tries to expel the irritating contents (vomiting) and then this may continue to cause nausea and gastrointestinal distress in the morning.

There are often other factors, too. Altitude increases the speed of alcohol absorption, and increases thirst. A double whammy when visiting the Mile High City. Hangovers however are still not an exact science, just something we try to get over.

We all know how to avoid a hangover, but there is lots of controversy over how to make it all better. The natural answer is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The problem is the nausea in your gut is not allowing that to happen. That’s when you may consider minimizing the oral route and call a drip doctor to get an IV to hydrate and maybe some vitamins and medication for the nausea and throbbing headache in the process. We all overindulge from time to time, why suffer and lose your day?